If we consider for a moment that the state of the world is a mirror reflection of human mind, we can clearly see that there is a mismatch between what we want the world to look like and what the human mind looks like.

We have been educated for thousands of years to think and speak and act in ways that creates divisions between us (and them)!

All human beings deeply desire connection, beauty, flow, gentleness, peace, and harmony, collaboration, creativity, growth, understanding, and coherence in the world. We all do.

Yet, in our own mind, we struggle to have the skills to create them even for ourselves. We continue to think, speak and do the same things expecting a different outcome.

If we were to have a better world, doesn’t it make perfect logical and intuitive sense to change the internal landscape of our own mind, first and foremost?

You may say I am a dreamer…. but I am not. I am also a believer in the power of human mind and that a different kind of thinking, speaking and acting indeed does make a big impact inside and all around us. We change. The world changes with us.

One mind at a time.


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