Progressive TLC…


Progressive TLC 2014 global project: “Can LOVE last?” is a anecdotal global research (in USA, eastern and western Europe) with couples and individuals who have experienced enduring and resilient LOVE in the midst of all life’s ups and downs. Be it the decision to stay together, separate or divorce, Can LOVE still last beyond all? And if so, what are the essential ingredients in experiencing a lasting LOVE. This research will assist me in learning and teaching a global wisdom and practice in common humanity, related to the shaping forces of pain and love in the evolution of human species. This work is especially important at the current digital world where change is the rapid and ever present constance in our daily lives.




Anger is…
A real genuine feeling,
A wake up call.
Time to own the unmet needs creating this feeling.
Time to release others of being your hostage and take responsibility to meet our own needs.
Time to use the energy of anger to soften up;
To be gentle.
Time to be vulnerable, honest and gentle instead of harsh and out of control.
Time for self empowerment and grace.
Time to ask for support to get out of the quicksand of your mind.
Time to stop blaming others for your anger.
Time to pick your choices and be free.
Time to free yourself of this habitual thinking that others are responsible for you.
Time to shape your mind in a different way.
Wake up.
It is now time.

Can LOVE last?


YES, it can. If we only become aware of our self-destructive efforts to protect ourselves from it!

LOVE is risky. We are most vulnerable when we love.

LOVE is tricky. How does one keep the mundane reality in the background, while feeling the ongoing pulse of a growing love?

LOVE is dangerous. Hoes does one keep from losing one’s self in the presence of the beloved?

LOVE is not fragile nor is foolish. Not at all. LOVE is worth the risk. Its worth the vulnerability. Its worth the danger.

I am on this journey of LOVE. My mission is to learn from it and continue to allow its mastered hands to keep sculpting my mind to its ultimate form. Be it a heart break or a complete union, I am on this journey.

I want my LOVE to last.




Let the beauty you love…


…be what you think, say and do.

don’t let the struggles of the world take you away from your own beloved beauty. In fact, the beauty you love is who you are. You are the mirror image of what you enjoy in this world. If you love rain, you love the feeling of rain in you. If you love silence, you love the silence in you. If you love nature, you love the nature in you. If you love the ocean, you love the roar and the flow of your own nature.

you are what you love. See your own image in the beauty you love before your eyes. Don’t let what you don’t love become you. Let the beauty you love, be what you think, say and do.

I am the beauty of the rain. And so are you.